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English help

Set my position

Your GPS position will not be used at map load. You will have to select a method to register your position as explained below:

You my drag your marker ( red, biger one) to the desired position.


Select the options under the Pos menu:

When you update your position any hide state will be removed..

Track your position

When tracking your GPS position a smaller red marker will appear on the map showing your current position with an update rate limited by your browser device. The map is centered at the GPS position. Every 5 minutes the position will be updated in the central database and visible to others. You will notice that the bigger red marker is moved to your current position.

My admin details

You may access the details of your boat and user account by selecting Me at the map view menu.

Restrict boats displayed

To restrict the boats displayed on the map and in the boat menu, access the Me menu and List the boats. Create a search criteria with the "Search for:" menu and press "Submit Query". The defined query will be remembered between sessions and used when accessing boats on the map.
The "match anything" character is "%".

Marker color coding

The color of the markers denotes the time since the position was reported as follows:
less than 60 seconds. Good when tracking
60 sec. to 5 min. OK when tracking
5 min to 10 min. Check if tracking is working!
10 min to 30 min.
30 min to 1 hour.
1 hour to 1 day.
1 day to 2 days.
2 days to 1 week.
more than 1 week.

Track color coding

Tracks, including boat marker on track layer, are colored based on boat ID to separate the boats. Note that track colors do not reflect update age.